Competition Regulations for everyone

Everyone who is active in the business environment must observe, among other things, the provisions of the Unfair Competition Act (UWG). The UWG protects competitors, consumers and other market participants from unfair behaviour. Ultimately, the following applies: Anyone who advertises in an unlawful manner must expect to receive a warning with costs and to be sued to stop the advertising and even for damages. Here you will find guidance on which advertising measures are permissible and which are not.

The Unfair Competition Act (UWG) applies to everyone! – That means it applies to every natural person (individuals) and to every legal entity (companies, authorities, organisations, associations, etc.). Moreover, the UWG does not only regulate “advertising” in the traditional sense, but it applies to every “business act” in the broadest sense.

And yes, the ORGANIC and NATURAL world is no exception.

Organic advertising, environmental advertising

Particularly strict standards apply to environmental advertising claims. Related to environmental advertising is therefore also health advertising, since environmental advertising also refers to products that have an impact on health.
Terms such as “eco”, “organic”, “environmentally friendly” etc. can easily deceive consumers because of their suggestive appeal. Since the advertised products are usually not more environmentally friendly or health-promoting than others overall, but only in certain areas, there is an increased need for clarification here.
The use of quality marks or quality seals (e.g.: “Bio-Siegel” or “Blauer Engel”) without the required authorisation is included in the absolutely prohibited offences of the black list.

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Competitive Terms and Symbols
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