If you are a private person and think to isse a warning notice under competition law you may need to read this article.

A warning notice under competition law may only be issued in business dealings, i.e. among entrepreneurs. Private individuals cannot commit infringements of competition law as they lack the so-called active legitimation.

The person issuing the warning notice and the person being warned must be consider a competitor, which is the case if they have a concrete competitive relationship with each other. This is the case if both companies are for instance selling the same product to the same end consumer group.

However, it must be considered that case law has a broader understanding of the definition of a competitor. That is the reason why you should contact our team if you are thinking to issue a warning notice against a competitor or if you would like to have your case legally approved and examined by an attorney.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us. 

Can you issue a warning notice under competition law?
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