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The Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt, BKartA) classifies Amazon as a company with outstanding cross-market importance for competition. As a result, the US group and its subsidiaries are subject to the extended abuse control regulated in Section 19a GWB. The BKartA can thus prohibit practices that threaten competition in a two-stage procedure.

The competition authorities justify their decision, among other things, with reference to Amazon’s dominant position in marketplace services for commercial traders in Germany. Amazon’s market share in terms of turnover is over 70 percent. The BKartA also recognises Amazon’s rule-making power, which opens up considerable opportunities to influence the business activities and economic success of other companies.

Are you surprised about this decision? What do you think about that? Are you unsure if your company is put in danger by another competing company?

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BKartA´s latest decision on the Amazon concern
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