Our Services – Fees Packages

Due to the high demand of consultations, we are currently offering the following fee packages at the conditions stated therein:

First Consultation
First Consultation – Flat Rate

Do you need an initial assessment of your factual and legal situation?

Do you need a legal representation or a detailed legal opinion? Or only have a specific question on a legal problem?

We are here to offer you our expertise and experience!
First Consultation
Flat Rate Fees
Consultation and representation on the basis of one-off flat-rate fees

Would you like to have a comprehensive legal assistance on a particular matter?

Would you like us to examine your contractual situation?

Our qualified attorneys are here to help you!
Individual Flat Rate Fee
Long Term Consultation

Permanent advice and representation with monthly flat rate fees

Do you want Horak Attorneys at Law to take care of all or some of your legal matters ?

Do not hesitate. Just contact us!
Monthly Remuneration