References for further information:

I. Rights:

  • Intellectual Property (Registration and defence of patents, trademarks, designs, domains, varieties, etc.), Technology Law (EDP-Law, Telecommunication Law etc.) as well as Declaration, Contracts, Clauses and Judgement concerning this topic on (created from Attorney Michael Horak).
  • “Die Markenrechtler”: Our German Website concerns trademark-related FAQ, form, trademarks registration and application, German and international Trademark Act and related jurisdiction.
  • The German Patent and Trade Mark Office provides comprehensive assistance on all “registrable” intellectual property rights at and respectively. On these websites, you can find information on how to officially register a trademark.
  • The University of Saarbrücken has an extensive collection on legal topics at its disposal in the form of  

II. Other Special Links:

  • The website offers name and trademark searches.
  • The ideahelp GbR,, offers name and trademark searches.
  • The American association AIPLA presents its activities in the field of intellectual property on the platform
  • The IBA (International Bar Association) offers information on international topics of the legal profession and numerous legal issues with an international orientation on the website .
  • A highly multi-faceted information platform on all European Union issues, including its legal acts, opinions, etc., can be found on its official server .
  • The WIPO Conciliation Division provides a detailed overview of its domain arbitration procedures.

General Helpful Links

horak . Rechtsanwälte: Intellectual Property, Competition and Technology

Intellectual Property (IP)  from our Attorney at Law and Law Firm Partner Michael Horak

horak . Rechtsanwälte Fachanwälte: General Website of our Law Firm

Markenrecht: Search, registration and defence of trademark rights

Patentrecht: Information on German, European and International Patent Law

Urheberrecht: Fundamentals of Copyright Law

Musikrecht: Information on U/E music with model contracts

Fotorecht: Summary of the copyright, personal rights and pictorial rights standards

IP-Recht/ IT-Recht: Website concerning IP/IT-related legal matters

Onlinerecht/Internetrecht: Fundamentals of Internet Law

Wettbewerbsrecht: Advertising (German) Law

Lebensmittelrecht:  Food Stuff Law, Food Stuff Hygiene, Food Labeling

Anwalt Hannover: Legal Representation in legal matters

IT-Recht Hannover: IT-Law related website

IT-Recht: General Information on computer and internet law

Domainrecht: Information on Domain Name matters

UDRP-/ADR-Domainschiedsverfahren: Our of court, fast dispute resolution of domain disputes

Medienrecht: Copyright Law, Media Law, Music Law, Film Law, Television Law, Publishing Law, Event Law

Lebensmittelrecht/Arzneimittelrecht/Heilmittelwerberecht: Information on German Health Provisions

Energierecht, Energiewirtschaftsrecht: Energy Law Page

Rechtsanwalt für IT-Recht: legal information on information technology law

Europarecht: European Union Law, European Law

Wirtschaftsrecht: Law firm representation on business law topics

Gesellschaftsrecht Hannover: Information on Business Law

Anwaltliches Inkasso: Department for Receivables Collection / Receivables Management

Handelsrecht Hannover: Dept Collection Department/Receivable Management

Wirtschaftsrecht Hannover: Legal Information on Commercial Law

Insolvenzrecht Hannover: Regulation and insolvency proceedings

Steuerrecht: Legal Tax Advice and Tax Litigation

Tierrecht: Fundamentals of animal law, veterinary law, animal purchase law, animal keeper liability (in each case with small animal law/large animal law – in particular also horse law)

Anwalt für Arzthaftungsrecht: Office page on medical malpractice law and patient related law

Vergaberecht: Information on the public tender/award procedure

Anwaltskanzlei in Hannover: GTC/Internet and Warning Notice-related legal matters

Anwalt für Arbeitsrecht in Hannover: Information on labor law

Arbeitnehmererfinderrecht/ Diensterfindungen: Forms and deadlines of the German  ArbnErfG, also called in English : Act on Employees Invention

Abmahnungabwehren: Music download / movie download warning letters (so-called file sharing warning or warning due to alleged uploads)

Recht des Ingenieurs: Information on building law, architectural law and engineering law

Fachanwalt Hannover: Specialist attorney for intellectual property law/ Specialist attorney for copyright and media law in Hanover

Gerichtsprozessanwalt: Appointment representation/sub-authorization in Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Bremen

Patent Applications 

Markenanmeldung in D/EU/IR: Form for trademark application/ trademark consultation

Markenanmeldung in Österreich: Form for trademark protection in Austria

Weltweite Markenanmeldungen: Implementation of national, regional and international trademark applications in all countries where this is possible

Patentanmeldung/Patentschutz in D/EU/PCT: Commissioning of patent searches, patent applications and utility model applications

Designschutz (früher:Geschmacksmusterschutz): Search, registration and defence of designs

Fullservicemarkenschutz: Trademark searches/ Trademark monitoring/ Trademark application

Fixmarke: legal trademark applications in Germany, trademark protection in the EU, international trademarks and Chinese trademarks

Discountmarkenschutz: bundled packages for the implementation of trademark applications

Markenschutz-Pakete: Application packages for the registration of trademarks

Markenrecherche-Pakete: Carrying out trademark/name searches, in particular for advertising agencies, trademark portfolio owners and multi-brand applicants

EU-Markenanmeldung: Form for trademark registration

Gemeinschaftsmarkenschutz: EU-Trademark Application and Registration

Internationale Markenanmeldung: Form for trademark registration

Schutz von Bildmarken:Form for word and figurative trademark application

Schutz von Firmennamen: Form for name protection/trademark protection

Name schützen lassen: Protection of word marks

Marke schützen lassen: Trademark protection page

Markenrecherchen/Markenschutz: Staged offers for the implementation of a trademark application

Markenwiderspruch: Opposition proceedings concerning trade marks applied for/registered

Markenlöschung: Cancellation proceedings for registered trade marks

Markenrecherche: Trademark search form

Ähnlichkeitsrecherche nach Marken: Search for similar license plates

Firmensuche: Search for company names/ trademarks


Our blogs are completely in German and concerns mainly the IP/IT legal matters, trademarks-related news, important cases, copyright, patent law, privacy policies and more general intellectual property:

Most Important English Websites

horak Law Firm: Our Law Firm website

IP Law in Germany: intellectual property law

Trademark-Applications: Trademark applications

Attorney-Trademark: Trademark Lawyers

Trademark Filing: Trademark Registrations

Trademark Lawyers: General Information on Trademark Law

Patent-Filer: Patent Registrations (Germany, Europe and International)

Copyright Lawyer: Copyright

Online Law/ Internet Law: Internet Law

Health Lawyer: Health Act

Other Websites

Kreativtresor: Works of Intellectual Property

Reputation-Defender: Protection of privacy and reputation on the internet

Eyepi: IP Services

Servip: IP Services

Ingenieurbüro für Elektrotechnik: Engineer