Can you issue a warning notice under competition law?

If you are a private person and think to isse a warning notice under competition law you may need to read this article. A warning notice under competition law may only be issued in business dealings, i.e. among entrepreneurs. Private

BKartA´s latest decision on the Amazon concern

Are you curious to know more about the Amazon´s legal rights in Germany? Horak Attorneys at Law is the law firm you are looking for. The Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt, BKartA) classifies Amazon as a company with outstanding cross-market importance

The “Place an order”Button and its Payment Obligation: ECJ Decision

13.04.2022 // The “place an order” button must indicate the payment obligation – ECJ Decision on the effectiveness of online orders During the ruling of 7 April 2022, the ECJ (Case C-249/21) was taken a tribunal decision on the question

Large digital companies abuse control

Bundeskartellamt releases a statement about the Alphabet/Google abuse control For the first time, the Federal Cartel Office has certified Google’s “overriding, cross-market importance” for competition and can now prohibit practices of the company that endanger competition. According to Andreas Mundt,